The word "muhabbet" means love. Believing that there can be no meal, no table, and no world without love, the Dilruba family opened its doors to serve you in 1996 in Üsküdar Fethipaaşa Grove with the aim of bringing love to the tables.

Desiring to offer you delicious meals, friendly service, and a unique view of the Bosphorus, we have adhered to the principle of being worthy of the name Dilruba since our opening. The name Dilruba, meaning heart-stealer, was given to our establishment with the aim of winning a place in your hearts. The swan symbol, which has become a symbol of love in our memories, is the most beautiful representation of Dilruba.

Aware that what passes through our throats not only reaches our stomachs but also permeates our entire body and soul, we, who prioritize quality and taste in the meals we prepare, invite you not only to enjoy our flavors at our establishment overlooking all three bridges in Istanbul but also to spend pleasant moments with your spouse, family, and friends in this distinguished atmosphere.

Since the day we set out with the slogan "The balcony of Istanbul, revealing the relationship between green and blue," we have been committed to making you feel at home and bringing you the enchanting view of Istanbul, a heritage of our ancestors, a view that poets have wielded their pens for. We are pleased to provide you with the opportunity to breathe in the refreshing air of the Bosphorus. From the moment you step into our establishment, we consider it a principle to treat everyone, who is the noblest of creatures, with a smiling, generous, and sincere demeanor.