Dilruba Restaurant: Group Dinners with a Bosphorus View


group inners with a bosphorus view

In today's world, people come together for various reasons to enjoy pleasant moments and experience delicious meals together. This is where the concept of group dinners comes into play. Our group dinner service, offered in a wide range from business meetings to special celebrations, friend gatherings, and other social events, awaits you with our two differently sized halls that appeal to all types of visitors.

Capacities of Our Halls

Our two separate halls provide a suitable environment for different group sizes, hosting all kinds of events. The first hall, with a capacity of 50 people, boasts a modern and elegant design. The other hall, on the other hand, offers a spacious and comfortable area that can accommodate up to 120 guests. In both halls, our guests will have the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable moments in a comfortable and airy atmosphere.

Business Meetings: Merge Productivity with Flavor

Business meetings, where important decisions are made, can become more efficient with effective communication and the right atmosphere. Our first hall, with its 50-person capacity, offers an ideal solution for business meetings, ready to meet the expectations of the business world with special table arrangements and technological infrastructure. Combined with group dinners, business meetings will strengthen team spirit and provide a delicious break on the road to success.

Special Celebrations: The Perfect Venue for Unforgettable Memories

Celebrating important moments in our lives and coming together with our loved ones always holds a special meaning. Our spacious 120-person hall is a perfect choice for events such as birthdays, post-engagement dinners, and similar celebrations. Our professional service team is ready to provide you and your guests with an unforgettable experience with special menu options.

Friend Gatherings: Delightful Conversations, Beautiful Memories

When you want to gather with friends and have a wonderful evening, our 50-person hall offers a warm and intimate atmosphere. The rich variety and taste of our dishes will add a special touch to your friend gatherings. Our menu, accommodating everyone's taste preferences, enhances the enjoyment of group dinners even more.

A Venue that Combines Flavor and Quality

With our two differently sized halls, we offer a wide range of services, from business meetings to special celebrations. We invite you to experience unforgettable moments and savor delicious meals together in our meticulously designed venue. While enjoying group dinners, you will fully experience the joy of quality service and taste.

Reservation and Contact

Whether it's business meetings or special celebrations, Dilruba Restaurant is here to meet your expectations. You can make a reservation now to experience an unforgettable group dinner at Dilruba Restaurant or contact us for more information.