Quiet and Magnificent Dilruba Restaurant in Fethi Pasha Grove



Dilruba Restaurant: Address of Taste Since 1996

Dilruba Restaurant, which opened its doors in 1996, stands out as a taste point that bears witness to the history of Istanbul. This unique place, located in Fethi Pasha Grove, continues to provide incredible moments to its guests over the years.

The Day Started at the Observation Terrace: Enjoying Open Buffet Breakfast

Dilruba's open buffet breakfast, which is a delicious start to the day, offers a delightful experience accompanied by the magnificent view on the observation deck. The breakfast buffet, equipped with rich options, offers an ideal option for those who want to have an energetic start to the day.

Lunch and Dinner Taste Feast: Kebab and Grill Varieties

At lunch and dinner, Dilruba Restaurant welcomes its guests with kebab and grill varieties carefully prepared by master chefs. These flavors, which delight the palate, are prepared with fresh and high-quality methods and brought to your tables. Dilruba's original flavors offer a gastronomic texture.

Enjoying Samovar Tea with Bosphorus View

Enjoying samovar tea in the open area with a view of the Bosphorus has become one of the indispensable rituals of Dilruba Restaurant. Guests enjoy freshly brewed tea on the terrace area decorated with flowers and have pleasant moments accompanied by the magnificent view of Istanbul.

Dilruba Restaurant: Meeting Point of History and Taste

This flavor journey, which started in 1996, emphasizes the authenticity and hospitality of Dilruba Restaurant. Offering a warm atmosphere and a feast of taste to its visitors, the place remains in memories as a special point where history and taste meet in Fethi Pasha Grove. Dilruba Restaurant hosts magnificent tastes in the dazzling view of Istanbul.