The Story of Fethi Pasha Grove Dilruba Restaurant



Dilruba Istanbul was opened to the service of our guests in 1996 in Üsküdar Fethipaşa Grove, with the aim of bringing conversation to the tables. Since the first day, it continues to exist as a place that has adopted the principle of providing you with unforgettable moments with its delicious food, friendly service and unique Bosphorus view.

The Name Dilruba and Its Meaning: Heartfelt Conversations

The name Dilruba means "captivating". This special name was given to our institution in order to have a place in your hearts and to host warm conversations.

Pioneer of Quality and Taste: A Feast of Taste with Bosphorus View

With the awareness that what passes through our throat affects not only our stomach but also our entire body and soul, we prioritize quality and taste in the meals we prepare and offer an unforgettable feast of taste in our establishment overlooking all three bridges of Istanbul.

Balcony of Istanbul: Magnificent Atmosphere with Bosphorus View

Dilruba Restaurant, called "Balcony of Istanbul", aims to make you feel like you are at home. It will gladly serve as an intermediary for you to breathe in the thick Bosphorus air by introducing you to the fascinating view of Istanbul where poets write.

Hospitality and Sincerity: Smiling at Every Step

It is our motto to be friendly, generous and sincere to everyone who is a noble creature, from the moment we step into our institution. Based on these values, we aim to offer not only delicious food but also a pleasant and decent environment to each of our visitors.

Dilruba Restaurant is more than just a stylish stopping point in Fethi Pasha Grove, it is part of a story that bears witness to the history and taste of Istanbul. We invite you to be a part of this unique experience.